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Hong Kong Disneyland resort guide

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  Share a very detailed "Hong Kong Disneyland one-day tour guide". Although Hong Kong Disneyland is very small, it is still a bit urgent to finish it in one day.

  I have been to Disney four times, which is enough for me to arrange a relatively good trip. Say "relatively" because many of the online strategy is a relatively long time ago, Disney has increased two park (blurred the heights and the grizzlies valley), but find the strategy of many on the Internet are also did not increase the two park before. As a result, many people follow the old strategies and waste time and energy.

  I will give you a reference from purchasing tickets, transportation, clearance routes, park Tours and catering. Not to say the best, at least a relatively short line.



  Hong Kong official fare (one-day ticket)

  Child ticket (ages 3 to 11) hk $355

  Standard admission (ages 12 to 64) hk $499

  Admission fee for the elderly (aged 65 or above) is hk $100

  Advice in the first domestic tickets online (such as a treasure), I was to buy packages, which is a one day ticket + a ticket (package), meals up adult ticket is 385, 298 children, to save a lot. Because I buy is the electronic ticket, in Disney's service window for entities to buy tickets, so be sure to ask when buy clear whether sellers need to print voucher, because when I was in a ticket to see a lot of people haven't print can't lead to exchange tickets. When you exchange a physical ticket, remember to collect all the people's passes of your fellow travelers, and the staff of Disney shall check them when you exchange them.

  Traffic guidance


  I can only tell you the route to Disney from three ports: luohu port, huanggang port and futian port.

  Luohu port: take the east railway line and transfer according to the route map. This route is not recommended: it takes a long time (about 2 hours/journey) and is expensive (about hk $90 / journey).

  Huanggang port: recommended return route

  After passing the customs, I will take the Disney special line and arrive in about 45 minutes. Except for children under 3 years old, all of them need to buy tickets, all of them are 100 Hong Kong dollars per person, only cash. The journey does not recommend this route: huanggang port clearance is troublesome, up and down, subway Disneyland line and platform are very beautiful, you can't see this line. This route is recommended on the return journey. The last train at 9:45 PM is normally within reach.

  Futian port: recommended route to cheng

  Route: futian port - to find the bus stop on B1 - under the new city square on the bridge transfer to vega wire (yuen long station) - mobil station - lai king - sunny bay - Disneyland subway lines, bus fare is about hk $13, the subway about hk $31.

  If you take the subway directly after passing through the customs, the route is the same as luohu port, there is no need. Save time money right route is: to the direction of the bus after pass under a B1 to a new town plaza (Hong Kong bus stops, not to look for the car at the top of the electronic card, new town plaza is probably the next the lok ma chau station.) Below B1, you will see the sky blue footbridge. Go up and follow the subway station sign. Go to a shopping mall to find the subway station and enter (yuen long station of west railway line). In this way, although it is also a subway ride, it is quite close, and the route is short. Although there are many times of transfer, they all change at one or two stations.

  Warm tips from all sides


  Warm tips:

  Disney opens at 10:00 a.m. Every time I go, I pass the customs at 8 o 'clock. When I get there, I almost open the door.

  2. Get an octopus card. If you don't go to Hong Kong frequently, you can return it to the subway service window when you come back to the gateway. Or buy a one-day ticket, but only by subway.

  3. If it is in high temperature or time to play, children and adults both suggest bring a jacket to change, I do not sweat can sweat two clothes, although project mostly indoors, but will often walk outside. The temperature difference is so great that it's almost like a cold storage. Summer coat is thin, so won't add burden basically.

  It's very convenient to take an empty kettle with water in it.

  I have to wear sunscreen, I get a tan twice every time I go back.

  Although it might look better to wear a skirt to take a picture, it is recommended to wear pants. For those fun activities, it is easy to run out.

  Don't bring food! No food! No food! Say the important things three times. Will ask you to open the bag check in the park, if there is a small roll of what also put you in, but the more he will call you again or lose, either eat now, or to save rent a cabinet. I haven't saved it. I don't know how much it is.

  Don't throw away the ticket after entering the garden!! You can't get a FAST PASS for a bunch of people by yourself because you have to exchange tickets for a FAST PASS.


  Enter the garden as directed. After entering the garden, there are maps on the left and right sides, including English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, as required. First, browse the map of the park and get a general idea. There's also a performance schedule to bring along.

  Start your fantasy adventure now!

  1. American street towns:

  This is actually shopping street, with souvenir shops on both sides. It is not recommended to spend too much time here in the beginning. Take a few pictures in the street and leave. There will be time to visit it later.

  Grizzly valley:

  Road car.

  Feature: there are cute little bears on the road. When you watch them, the car will suddenly lurch backwards.

  Feeling: it's good to see that all his children can play. Personally, I think it's exciting, but it's worth playing.

  Parliamentary fountain valley: this is the place to take pictures.


  3. Blurred mountain villa:

  Alpha complex

  Feeling: well made, the effect is very good, with a 7-year-old girl in the same company feeling a little scared

  Palace of dreams

  It's another place to take pictures. Perhaps, but look at those facilities are just a few reliefs, do not know what to look at, but each relief next to the interpretation, according to its way of looking to find the mysterious.

  The above tour should be finished at 11:45

  4. Adventure world

  The lion king festival performance 12:00, about 30 minutes

  It is a wonderful performance of singing and dancing. The actors also interact with the audience (especially children)

  Tip: the auditorium is on four sides, and the first row is not allowed to sit. The best viewing position is of course the front row and the middle aisle, which is convenient for interaction. Because it was a full-court performance in English (with a hint of cantonese), if you want to know what the actors were singing and what they were saying, you can sit in the last six rows with a Chinese translation on the top. The children in the group were very devoted and kept asking if the bad uncle was dead.

  Bell tower lunch time

  For example, if you buy a meal ticket, you can choose what you want to eat at the restaurant written on it, and then go over and buy it by choice. Every restaurant has a theme and a menu at the door. In general, the meals at Disney are not very tasty and not cheap. The package we choose is 138hkd, because it is a set ticket bought with the ticket, which is much cheaper. That's why I recommend you buy a set of tickets online.

  The river expedition, mount tai tree house.

  Hint: if the performance fails to catch up at 12:00, the above schedule will be changed to 231, and the performance will be arranged to watch 13:30

  The above trip is expected to end at 14:00


  5. Fighting the enemy:

  And we're going to have a toy regiment parachute

  It's scary to me for acrophobia, a little centrifugal force.

  (2) spring dog

  It's boring. The waiting time is long. The children in the same line are also bored

  Robot remote control car

  Similar to the pirate ship of the motor game, I dare not play, friends played it was good, not the grizzly mining car stimulation.

  This theme is very childlike and suitable for taking pictures, but this theme is relatively unsheltered place, very sunburnt.

  The above journey must end at 15:10

  Fantasy worlds: the FAST PASS for winnie the pooh can be reached with a ticket on the journey from the combat troops to the fantasy worlds

  This must see, if there is no play in front of all stop first, must see this, must not miss, I come back to see their own video did not feel as excited as the scene. Try to get a better position a little earlier, or you'll end up with a bunch of heads and hands.

  The parade route is long. When all the floats come out, they will stay in the same place for a while.

  One place was enclosed, with little benches for the limited number of children who bought princess costumes at the store. At that time, the Disney princess floats in front of these children and will interact with them in circles. I think there are those with little girls who can choose this position.

  The order of the parade cartoon: little flying elephant -- -- -- honor guard -- -- -- -- mickey, Donald Duck, goofy, chipmunk -- -- -- winnie the pooh, tigger, piglet -- Disney princess -- fairy.

  Parliamentary mickey fantasia

  An addictive 5D movie

  (3) inside the fantasy world of small mobile games, dumbo, merry-go-round, rotating coffee cup, such as in winnie the pooh FASTPASS can go to play with some of these in the middle of the time, but they are all super people waiting in line, personal feel can be ignored, to take the little train a lap back, drop can also break down. I went to Disney in July, and there was a renovation project, which was supposed to be a new park. Much of the little train's path was blocked by something, and nothing could be seen. Just take a break.

  Yu Minnie the pooh: I don't know why so many people are queuing up. I don't think the mountain villa is well made and the children in it are bored.

  Boating small world: get in a small boat, a real fairy tale world, the whole world is divided into small dolls from different regions, playing "small world" in various languages. The adults and children in the group like it very much.

  Tip: if pooh's FASTPASS isn't available, go to a small world or other place first, and come back when the FASTPASS time is up.


  World of tomorrow:

  (FAST PASS, but by 4 p.m., fewer people were queuing up)

  This is what I think is the most exciting part of Disney. The theme is outside the interior space.

  In fact it is a roller coaster, the speed is very fast, centrifugal force is very heavy, close your eyes, I the whole of the flesh of the whole body is shaking as he got off the bus, played for the first time I never play for the second time. However, I think now that we are here, we'd better go and play. Do not play unless you have heart disease or high blood pressure.

  CNN student

  There's a FAST PASS, but there's no need to take it. This is interesting. In addition to the gun, there is a joystick in the middle that can control the rotation of the car body. Many people don't know that the car body can rotate 360 degrees.

  (4) speed

  There will be more people in line. This is the car according to its specific track form. In fact, you will move even if you don't do anything.

  Deadmickey musicals: the last scene at 18:15, the best place to be in the hallway, is interactive.


  American street towns

  Most of the action games are over, and the sky is starting to get dark. Disney with the lights on is different from Disney in the day

  Now you can sit down and take pictures, hang out and buy souvenirs in the streets and towns.

  Sometimes there are performances or night parades in the streets and towns at night. Once there was a performance by a werewolf. Last month we went to a light parade. Uncle mike and McQueen did exactly the same thing!!!

  10. Fireworks display

  The best place to watch fireworks is in front of the princess castle. I finally got to the middle of the first row and watched it once.

  Hong Kong Disneyland play a day trip ended, the YuanHou direction to the subway station, the subway can go on to find a public bus stasiun belakang, bus to dahuang port in the far right, hk $100 per person, cash only!