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Hong Kong Ocean Park tour guide

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  Ocean Park

  This is a must-visit place for parents and children in Hong Kong. Here you can see the lovely dolphins, sea lions performance, exciting game, don't miss the mountain park elevator, billed as the world's second longest outdoor escalator, it can take you to one of the most famous scenic spot here: the Pacific coast, aquarium and shark aquarium, and Marine skyscraper tower 72 meters high, 360 ° overlooking scenery intoxicate the adventure of slide wave of the spacecraft. Jigu village is a collection of the quintessence of 5,000 years of culture, including folk art performances, artisan shops and various buildings modeled after ancient cultural relics. You can't miss the panda garden.

  Stand in time at the top of the view, do not have a fun.

  Park has two entrances, before and after entering will first from the front entrance to the park after a whale protection square, then achieve the wizard kingdom, garden and children to ride in a cable car can reach the top of the mountain of the exciting games, if the tree bay from the back door entry into, will be to set the ancient village, the elevator climbing in through the rapids, heaven and earth can be arrived at the mountain of exciting games.

  Visitors can smoke only in four designated areas with smoking signs.

  Re-enter within the same day and print at the exit.

  It is forbidden to take food with you in the garden, but you can put it in a bag if you don't have much. Baby food is portable

  Take a map and show schedule before entering the park, and arrange the route reasonably.

  Ocean Park is divided into mountain hill, mountain micro-peak park, equipment amusement items, Marine animals appreciation. Under the mountain is the seaside paradise, exhibition hall, performance, children's amusement program. Large amusement rides are concentrated in the mountains.

  If you don't want to stand in line, consider taking the ocean train up the hill and back down the cable car.

  Food and beverage: most of them are near the peak cable car. There is a fast food square and bay view restaurant. The price is about HK75 people.

  Address: Aberdeen Marine park road, southern district, Hong Kong island

  Cost: adult HK320, children (3 to 11) HK160, drive charge HK95 / day, a seaside park dream water store content ark, baby carriages, and in a wheelchair, daily hk $70 and 70 respectively, and the Ocean Park some good place will provide sightseeing telescope view, have to be ready for hk $1 - $2 in advance.