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Hong Kong taiping mountain tour guide

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  Victoria peak

  Breathtaking funky cable-car Tours, spectacular night views of Victoria harbour, the lifelike madame tussauds wax museum, and the roller coaster of many gourmet shops are the four main features of the peak. Tianping mountain, 554 meters above sea level, is the peak of Hong Kong island. It is also the best feature of the view of Victoria harbour, which is the first focus of the visit to Hong Kong. Whether you're a romantic or not, make sure to schedule a night scene at the peak. When you are sitting in the cable car to the top of the mountain of 30 ° Angle, it feels like flying.

  Address: p101-5, P1 / f, madame tussauds wax museum, lower garden road, central, mid-levels, Hong Kong island

  Fees: Victoria peak free, peak tram single journey HK28, double journey HK40; Children and singing HK11 one way, double trip HK18; Madame tussauds wax museum acknowledges HK185, children (aged 3-11), elderly (aged 65 or above)HK115, three-in-one tickets HK225, children, elderly HK148, official website booking 10% off

  Opening hours: peak tram: 7:00-24:00, approximately every 10-15 minutes

  Skytower skyscraper 428: Monday to Friday 10:23:00; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 8:00-23:00

  To the traffic

  Bus: 8 port and 9 in the middle of the road there is a bus stop, where 15 c line bus to garden road, central mountain cable car station, and then into the peak tram to the top of the mountain.

  Take bus no. 15 at pier no. 5, causeway bay bus no. 15B tin hau station, causeway bay bus no. 15B, minibus no.

  Walk: turn right from exit J2 of central MTR, cross standard chartered garden to queen's road, cross pedestrian way and go straight up garden road. Along the way, we will pass a number of famous architectural landmarks in Hong Kong, including bank of China tower on the left and citibank center, st. John's Catholic church on the right, and then get to the cable car.

  Leave: walk down the mountain, starting from luigi road, about 20 minutes before you reach luigi road view. Along the way, there are signs to introduce the geological, climatic, plant and common insect information of the route. Continue along luigi road and soon reach the junction of dacton road and Charley road. There are two directions to get to Charley road. You can go back to the peak square and take a bus or cable car back to the central area. In the direction of kerton road, continue down the hill. He soon arrived at university road and took bus no. 13 to central. Or, walk along the dry road for about 30 minutes until you reach the mid-levels escalator.

  Time: 3 hours

  It is generally accepted that the best place for night viewing is the lion pavilion near the skyscrapers and cable car terminal of lingyun pavilion. But there are also those who believe that the best place to see Victoria harbour in taiping is not at lingyun pavilion, but on the Hong Kong island trail.

  When riding the peak cable car, remember to choose the right seat near the platform to have a better view.

  There is no need to take the cable car up and down the mountain twice. The cable car is better up and down the mountain.

  Peak food: the peak of the lingyun pavilion gathered a number of delicious food, most of which are floor glass, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.