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Hong Kong gold buying guide

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  Gold is cheaper in Hong Kong than in the mainland, largely without VAT and tariffs, and is generally bought in Hong Kong and Macao, at least 10 per cent cheaper than in the mainland. In addition, gold in Hong Kong is much higher than that in the mainland, which is basically 99.99 percent, while gold in the mainland is mainly 99.99 percent.

  Buying guide

  Mainland gold jewelry prices generally consists of two parts, namely the listing price and operating costs, and Hong Kong region is three, first of all is pure gold price, then the commission (usually 2% of the gold price - 3%), and at last the operating costs, generally for pure gold prices 0.5% to 1%, the store for the cost of each printed on the invoice. When inland consumer is buying, all price adds up, ability undertakes price comparison.

  When buying gold bars or gold jewelry in the mainland, the shop will charge the price in grams. When entering the shop in Hong Kong, the price will be charged in two figures.

  It is recommended to use the unionpay credit card when making payment. There is no charge for card payment, and the aggregate loss is relatively small.

  Recommended place of purchase

  Chow tai fook

  The Hong Kong gold bank has 42 stores in Hong Kong. Its original 9999 gold jewelry is now the norm. As a result of the town gold store hang up the cleaning design wind, the old name of chow tai fook in the face of new challenges, every quarter exit new style, product fashion sense does not lose industry new progress. In order to cater to young consumers, we will expand the ctf2 diamond jewelry store.

  Address: shop g11-g14, pak lai shopping road, 123 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

  Tse sui-luen

  Founded in Hong Kong in 1960, is one of the main gold jewelry chain in Hong Kong, Hong Kong gold with 9999 gold as the standard, companies differ only in the design, but tse sui-luen diamonds and other jewels is relatively low, price, of course, is more popular.

  Address: 30 man yue street, hung hom, Kowloon

  Chow sang sang

  Founded in 1934, Hong Kong jewelry industry veteran. In addition to the traditional gold jewelry, zhou shengsheng also opened the finishing products, specializing in selling diamond jewelry, the design is relatively young.

  Address: shop 1-4, g/f, block D, pak lai road, Tsim Sha Tsui

  Six f

  In the jewelry chain, the history is the shortest, but due to the celebrity effect, the development is rapid. Another option is a discount. Gemstones, clocks and other items are priced at a higher price than others.

  Address: room C, g/f, 479 hennessy road, causeway bay