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Why is Hong Kong shopping heaven?

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  Hong Kong is a free port, known as "shopping heaven". The vast majority of goods are free of customs duty. Hong Kong district has a large market, such as new town plaza, shatin, tai koo shing, etc., which in addition to the large department store, there are all kinds of shops and restaurants, some are more amusement equipment, is a good place for shopping and leisure.

  Hong Kong every year change garments according to the sale, an especially before Christmas is a sales peak, July to October's a good time to change garments according to the sale of the second, some good things as low as fifty percent. Third, after the Spring Festival, businesses generally withdraw from discounts and sweeper sales activities, although not as strong as Christmas, but still can.

  Top 10 must-fail products

  Lancome: it's 30 to 40 percent cheaper than the mainland, and the counter is 10 percent off.

  Clinique: about 40% cheaper than inland, except eye cream, generally 80%. Longcheng pharmacy is the cheapest.

  Fur: due to the climate, the people of Hong Kong will not often wear fur, fur that is Hong Kong market, the phenomenon of the good and inexpensive, top fur on price is only 50% of the 50% of the UK, Japan, very cost-effective.

  Medicine oil: the red flower oil, ten thousand gold oil, drive the wind oil that the drugstore sells, basically aim at fall hit, sprain, backache, muscle ache. The famous brand has tiger logo, it is very practical to bring home the old people or save themselves.

  I.T: I have to go to i.t. to buy clothes in Hong Kong. There are many brands and choices, and the price is much cheaper than in mainland China.

  Sunglasses: Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Dior and other big brands can be found. The most important thing is that even new models have unexpected discounts.

  Ginseng antler seafood: in Hong Kong, bird's nest, ginseng, dried abalone, dried shellfish, sea cucumber and other dry goods, reliable quality, reasonable price. Ring to western region more wholesale lot of ginseng antler seafood store and the traditional Chinese medicine, the officer's stack upstairs zhuang, bird's nests, bird's nest, yan home, hundred stack into the hall and yan is more famous bird's nest.

  Big-name handbags: in Hong Kong, designer brands, even without a discount, get a 20% discount, not to mention an unexpected discount.

  Specification: secretary of the Hong Kong brings together the world's best, can find many mainland buy books from the bookstore, but the price is very expensive, sanlian, wang guoguang, changxing book store, the commercial press, Ye Yi hall are worth around.

  NIKE shoes: a lot of discount, a lot of style, sports are a must for people, worth buying.