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Tsim Sha Tsui district hotel high CP value yu zhi matcha themed buffet

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  What do you admire about the matcha buffet at Osaka hotel in Japan? This time, we have it all in Hong Kong. And secondary system in Kyoto in one hundred and the old tea product, with salty dessert's Yu Zhong has a super suction tsui eyes maccha chocolate fountain, rare was the afternoon tea buffet to pay around $200 a, meter back to CP values are not wrong? .


  Coffee pavilion is located in Tsim Sha Tsui district launched in April and "meet? Yu hong? Maccha monogatari" afternoon tea buffet special throw to Kyoto with yu hong "mountain hill park" trusted product and authentic pity expensive maccha, quality guaranteed, of course. Matcha cream roll eggs with cream cream and soft cooked cake with tea fragrance. And the magcha zhuguli fountain wins in the food and play, adults are fine.


  What about matcha and his best partner red beans? Japanese gold leaf red bean curd tea cream sweet and not greasy, with embedded gold foil embellishment more delicate, remember to camera food first. The homemade soft ice cream cake with matcha powder is the secret recipe of the hotel chef. The soft ice cream cake with strong milk flavor is sprinkled with matcha powder.



  Besides dessert, have you got matcha salty? For example, hand-made matcha buckwheat cold noodles, matcha Fried fish and matcha chicken wings, tea fragrance fresh. Of course, to get back to this quickly, there are all the ice walks and the fresh spines.

  Meet me at the coffee shop? Yu hong? Matcha afternoon tea buffet

  Supply date: April 1, 2017 solstice June 30, 2017

  Monday to Friday (3:00 PM -4:30 PM)

  $198(adult) / $158(child/elderly)*

  Saturday to Sunday, public holidays (3:15-5:00 PM)

  $218(adult) / $158(child/elderly)*

  * for children aged 3-11 and older aged 65 or above, 10% service charge will be levied at all prices