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The new landmark Hotel Hotel ICON in the east of jiandong was born

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  Famous architect yim xunqi + Sir Terence Conran + founder of upright garden Patrick Blanc + famous fashion designer Vivienne Tam = the birth of new landmark Hotel ICON in tsim tung.



  Hotel ICON is not an ordinary Hotel, so it is different from others, all because of its unique identity -- the faculty and research Hotel of the school of Hotel and tourism management of the Hong Kong polytechnic university (polyu). The biggest mission of the new tsim tung landmark is to provide a learning platform for polyu's hotel and tourism students to learn professional knowledge in an interactive environment. When I saw the color cross-page in the magazine and introduced the design features and restaurant of this new hotel, I decided that this was my must-try target in the near future.

  There are three restaurants in this hotel. The Green floor is The lobby coffee room and bar. The Market on The 2nd floor is a buffet restaurant serving multi-national dishes. Only Green and The Market are currently in The pilot stage, while The Chinese restaurant will not open until June.





  Although I know my stomach is limited and eating buffet will only make my stomach ache, I have seen Singapore ratsa which introduces The Market, homemade ice cream cake/snow flower Lunch buffet for only $218 a person. Of course, try it soon! The lunch buffet at this price is supposed to be limited in the choice of food and the quality is unlikely to be a surprise. But after a tour of the field, I found that the most limited is my stomach. See have so many delicious, can not help but in the heart dark call: "I really want to have four stomach! One to eat hot meat, one to eat cold dishes, one to eat dessert, one to eat fruit..."

  The Market hot meat choice actually many, especially in Asia, The most abundant food has shocked The sand and now making curry fish head, Hong Kong style powder surface, day he grilled chicken, also have thick cordyceps flower pot pig tendons Chinese style soup, namely roast German sausage... In order to free up my stomach for dessert, I did not pay much attention to the hot meat, but picked ratsa to eat. On the cold side, only a little ham, emerald snail, crab, tape, sweet shrimp, sushi were eaten.





  At the bottom of its golden soup, it is permeated with red chili oil, with spasms of coconut and curry fragrance. A sip of the soup makes it very sweet and smooth. A bit of soup-absorbing oil and rice noodles are mixed together to create a "blending", but the problem is that the noodles are too soft and inelastic, and the bean paste has the same problem. Fortunately, other ingredients, such as shrimp, fish fillets, white pigeon eggs are fresh enough, especially shrimp meat fresh sweet, white pigeon eggs with egg flavor.



  Inside the sashimi freezer were strips, sweet shrimp, jade seeds and octopus. The tape is very large, sweet, soft and elastic. Sweet shrimp may be sweet, but the meat doesn't seem very elastic. There are also many different types of sushi beside the freezer, with a plate of tuna fish and rolls of sushi. Tuna fish seem to have been frozen so long that the meat is coarse and the fish is tasteless. Instead, the meat is supposed to be like jadeite conch, which is hard glue, but tastes surprisingly crisp and fleshy, and fresh and sweet with the smell of sea water. Crab chunks are also sweet and salty, but unfortunately they don't have enough meat.



  At the salad bar, you can see the trail of prosciutto Obama. The thin prosciutto is stacked one by one and arranged in a nice fan on the wooden block. Visually, I have the illusion of delicious food. When I put it in my mouth, I found that there is no salty fragrance and the taste is weak.



  What I like most about this place is the rich dessert area. Personal favorites for the day were green tea custard, lime sherbet, vegetable sherbet, mango cheesecake, lemon cheesecake and black forest cake. The tea flavor of green tea custard is fragrant and rich in milk flavor. Milk frozen into the mouth of agar-agar, soothing and moistening every taste bud.







  The fruit and sour sweetness of the bitter lemon sherbet are outstanding, and the fresh lime peel with rich texture is a rare delicacy. Vegetable snow flower is actually a snow flower made from staubergines, tomatoes and bell peppers. Sweet and sour, but not as crisp as a lime and snow flower, but as crisp as a pear and tomato.



  The mango cheesecake is similar to Cova's, both in appearance and taste. The cheese is sweet and soft, and the mango is sweet enough. Lemon cheesecake also has the same taste, the flavor of cheese and lemon have each other's sharp edge, soft and not sweet greasy. The cherries in the black forest cake are sweet and full of wine. They are not greasy, and the taste of chocolate is not strong enough.

  Besides the dessert and bread for silk cloth survey, warm chocolate, Tiramisu, Macaroon, French Crepe, rich with its own make chocolate ice cream, cheese, Chinese style more than double peel milk, namely the plane Jane, yellow golden cake, Thai coconut milk ice soft cakes, sweet cakes, rainbow big peach and components of... There are so many styles that you can't taste them one by one.

  Drinks after meals are also standard, friends' hot coffee is very fragrant, and the milk used to accompany coffee is also hot. The taste and smell of chocolate hot drinks, similar to those in nearly high-end restaurants, are just a personal preference for strong cocoa flavor and sweet taste.

  To my credit, The waiter at The Market is very good. When the guest leaves the table, the napkin will be folded and placed on the left side of the table. Sometimes even without a guest asking, the waiter will ask if he needs something. No matter the food, environment and service are very good, and the price is not expensive, I think everyone will like it!